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Well, you deconstructed/analyzed the thing and deflated all the excitement for the other person.

(I love analogies in case you haven't noticed by now.) Imagine you're five years old, and someone has decided they're going to introduce you to a wonderful thing called baseball.

Not only did my careful (and natural) deconstruction of the object eliminate my ability to enjoy the toy, I felt embarrassed for being excited in the first place.

Our partner will tend to have a transient reaction--it lives and dies in the moment.

Therefore, we must train ourselves to slip into emotional, experiential states even when the reason (or fuel) isn't perfect for us.

The Persistent Reaction is a direct outgrowth of our encyclopedia creation.

You've probably heard things like this: I was mad, but I got over it; I was just in a mood; just ignore it; it didn't mean anything.

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